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I don't promise to blog regularly. I'll make a post once in a while when I feel I have something interesting to say or complain about. Or perhaps just for the hell of it.

For several years now, Jim has dabbled with the idea of getting a smoker. He has the stovetop model, which has worked great, but he was ready to move onto bigger things. So the weekend before Memorial Day, he got a new electric smoker and assembled it.

wood-chip-box 20130528 1882087758Being a woodturner, bits of scrap cherry is not a rare thing, and he's been saving cherry chips for years to use in smoking. So after a quick raid of the scrap barrel and a few minutes on the band saw, we had enough small pieces to fill an old box he'd saved just for this purpose.

Now, the box is a nice size, probably holds enough wood chips to feed the smoker at least four times and even has convenient handle-flaps cut into the sides. This is a great repurposing of a well-constructed box that once transported toilet bowl cleaner.

Well, the first place this box is placed is in the family room, on the shelf, just inside the door from where the smoker has it's home outside. A generally practical place, and I don't mind wood chips being kept there, indeed, the room is filled with bins of larger cut-offs meant to feed the fireplace. However, being what it was, with Lysol in bold lettering, it made the shelf look like household chemical inventory overflow. So, I painted it.


For a long time, site has been hidden behind the subdomain, That was because when I originally went to create a website for my busines, Fox Computer Systems, I was unable to get as a domain name. That changed a few years ago and now that is the official business site. Because I had stationery and other materials that listed as the business website, both addresses led to the same content.

Well, it's been over five years of having the two domain names mirror each other and I've decided to make a change. Since acmfox has been my online 'handle' for years, I'm keeping this website, but changing its content to reflect a broader scope of the things that I do both professionally and otherwise. It still won't be comprehensive, but it will be more about me and my various interests than would be appropriate for a purely business site. 

No one really wants or expects to get much snow in October. The leaves are still on the trees and the ground is still relatively warm. It happens, for sure, and it's always a mess, but not like this one. No matter where you look virtually every tree has at least one broken limb and many have simply split down the middle with the weight of 10+ inches of snow.

Life gets interesting with no internet, no electricity and melted snow to flush the toilets. But there is companionship, camaraderie and helpful neighbors. Somehow it doesn't seem so bad when you know that just about everyone else around is in the same situation. We joke about it, complain about the cold, and offer to share firewood. 

ps: sorry about the picture formatting. As I said this site is a work in process, and there is still some template processing to do.

This is both a personal site and a demonstration site. I use it both to try out stuff and to give a home to things that folks have asked me about. The content and presentation are apt to change as my mood dictates. This site is about what I do, and not particularly anything else.

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